Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to remove the tail-light from a Ford Falcon, style-side ute

I hate forcing things.  I’ll waste much time examining why something won’t move before I force it.  I’ll even search the web first.

When I searched the web to find how to remove the tail-light from my Ford Falcon ute, I found nothing.  So I post this in hope that it’ll help others.

To remove the tail-light from a Falcon, style-side ute, drop the tail gate and unscrew the two screws that would otherwise be obstructed by the tail gate (this is no secret).

This next step is where you may need to apply a significant amount of force.  Two wedged shape pins hold the tail-lights in place—one at the top and the other at the bottom.

The pins are angled towards the center of the ute, so you need to pull the light diagonally away from the corner of the ute.  On my ute they were held very tightly, so it was easiest to pull to release just one pin at a time, rather both at the same time.

Easy when you know how, but frustrating when you think you might be about to break something.

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