Friday, June 26, 2009

Jessica Rabbit bikini colouring

Jessica Bikini by ~microUgly on deviantART

Another colouring of a King-Cheetah pencil.  Coloured using Inkscape, of course. 

The sequins were created using Tile Clone, then the Tweak Tool was used to subtly shift their place and jitter their lightness to create a sparkle.  This is the first time I’ve used the Tweak Tool this way—it’s a very clever and useful tool.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Opera Unites us

Just wanted to spread the word that Opera has released a new feature for the upcoming version of Opera 10 (which you get the early builds of) called Unite.

As I understand it, Unite is a web server that installs as a part of Opera.  It then allows you to quickly and easily share content from your PC via the Internet—the idea being that the typical web user shouldn’t have to rely on web hosting, or services like Facebook, to share content.  Anyone can write code to allow you to share your content however you like.

I haven’t explored how it works at all yet—in fact I’ve only just turned it on.  But it makes a lot of sense.  Always-on internet connections, like ADSL, is the norm.  And only P2P software has made good use of that fact.  As internet access gets faster it only makes sense that we all start using our PCs to serve content instead of commercial web hosts.

I look forward to seeing where Unite leads.

On a side note, how did I miss this great Opera April fools joke - Opera Face Gestures.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Sad Psycho


This is my Sad Psycho.  It’s a wall decal by Michael Fuchs, available at Blik.  Although, I got mine from Supernice who, unlike Blik, ship to Australia.

It was a little tricker to put on the wall than I expected.  Each colour is on a separate sheet—so you have to place each colour on the wall one at a time.  And they don’t have any overlap at all, so if you’re slightly out with your positioning a gap will be visible between the colours.  It’s also made more difficult by the fact that the backing paper is not transparent, so you can’t easily mark where to position them before applying.

Cutting the decals into smaller sections makes life much easier--and safer, since if you are slight out it’s only one piece that’s effected.  I laid the black outline first as one whole piece then added each colours section one by one.  If I were to do it again, I would have cut his eyes out of the black sheet and put them on after the white face—this is the only area where I didn’t line up things well enough and separating the eyes would have minimised the flaw.  But my mistakes are barely noticeable.

You can see another, perhaps clearer, photo at my DeviantArt page.