Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Download Apple HD trailers and convert to MP4

9-video-screen I enjoy watching movie trailers, especially high-definition ones on my plasma TV.  I find the best source for movie trailers to be Apple Trailers, but there’s two problems with this:

  1. Apple doesn’t provide links to download the trailer in HD
  2. I play the trailers using a PS3 which doesn’t support MOV files.

Until recently I thought the only solution was to buy the Pro version of Quicktime which both lets you save high-definition trailers, and convert the video from MOV to MP4.  Turns out there’s a free alternative.

To download the trailer, follow the High-definition link for the movie (i.e.  Sometimes these links don’t take you to the correct page—you can tell you’re at the correct page if the URL ends with hd/.  If it doesn’t end with hd/, add it.

Right-click on the button for the resolution you want, copy the link path, and paste it into your browsers address bar and it should look something like  Now edit the url to include a h between the last _ and the resolution number so it looks like—and that’s your download url.

Now to convert the downloaded MOV file to an MP4, download and install Yamb.  Start Yamb and double-click on “Click to create an MP4 file with multiple audio, video, subtitle chapters streams”.  Click the Add button to add your MOV, choose the location for the converted file, and click Next to start the conversion.

The conversion process is very quick because the video is not re-encoded, which means there is no loss of quality.

For more information refer to the resources at Download from Apple and Convert .mov to .mp4.

On a side note, 9 is going to be freakin’ awesome.

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karatedog said...

It won't work this way. You have to mimic the user agent of Quicktime.

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