Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Apparently Apple invented all the fancy browser features we have today

Wow!  I'm flawed by the arrogance of Apple in their marketing of Safari 4 beta.  

They claim Safari is the first web browser to have features that Firefox and Opera have had for up to 15 years!  Some of the features they claimed to be the first browser to have were available in Internet Explorer 5.

Opera's has document clearly all the dates and version all each feature was included in Opera.

When Google released Chrome, they had the decency to credit other browsers for some of their features.  Nobody cares that they borrowed features.  It creates competition and is good for consumers.  But don't lie to your customers and claim old ideas as your own.

You can read the debate about which features were innovated by Safari and which were innovated by Opera at Call to action: Deceptive marketing of Safari 4.


Troy James Sobotka said...


Shame on Apple.

Shame on their audience.

Shame on anyone that accepts that rubbish as more truth.

Shame on all of us for letting Apple become what they have become.

Anonymous said...

They do that all the time. I believe Apple invented the 2 button mouse and "cut and paste" as well

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