Thursday, February 5, 2009

Screw it, I'm using Blogspot

As is my usual style, only a few hours ago I was going to gently ease myself into using Blogspot and examine it's feature and limitations.  But now I've gone in head first.  

I've created a new domain, and linked it to this Blogspot site.  I've added the feed to Feedburner and redirected my old feed from to the Feedburner feed--so people subscribed to my old feed should automatically receive this this post, but I recommend updating the feed URL to

At this moment, the switch to Blogspot feels like a relief.  Some weeks ago I switched my hosting PHP service from PHP4 to PHP5 which killed my ability to post new items--I've just been too disinterested to debug it.  Writing my own blogging software has been great experience, but I don't need it any more.  

I would like to have be able to merge all my content across to Blogspot, but I'll probably just repost the valuable content here and keep the other content there until eventually I tire of seeing it and delete it.

Since Blogspot isn't really a host, I'll keep for hosting stuff that just doesn't fit in Blogspot.  Now, I have to figure out how to write a gadget to display my DeviantArt favourites here.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I have been avoiding clicking your RSS summaries since it was stuck for... gosh knows how long.

I welcome your regular or semi-regular posting,

microUgly said...

Glad to know I still have at least one reader :) It's good motivation to keep my posts a little more relevent ;)

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