Monday, February 9, 2009

Poor audio quality in Guitar Hero World Tour on Wii

I've read reviews of Guitar Hero World Tour for the Wii on a number of prominent gaming sites.  None criticised the sound quality (with the exception of the player created music) so I've been most frustrated that I've found the sound quality so bad.

I own Guitar Hero III on the Wii and (after the mono sound disc was replaced with the corrected disc) I can't fault the audio.  World Tour on the other hand, sounds weak and flat.  It's quieter, and when you turn it up, it doesn't get louder, it gets noisier.

To test, I turned World Tour up to a healthy volume, muted my reciever, swapped out Word Tour for GHIII, started a track and unmuted.  GHIII was so much louder that I was almost knocked over.  GHIII is not just louder, it's punchier and fuller.

Whilst no prominent sources have reported audio problems, many other users have confirmed the poor audio on Wii.  Some have suggested that because Wii uses DVD the tracks have to compressed more to fit them on.  This argument is flawed by the fact the the Xbox 360 also uses DVD, with more channels of sound, higher polygon count for the models, and higher resolution textures.  If World Tour on Wii sound bad because it's on DVD, then with the Xbox 360 version should sound much worse since it has to store more data.

I bought a PS3 a few weeks before buying World Tour for the Wii.  I bought the Wii version because it was one less instrument to buy and graphics didn't matter to me.  But the sound quality is that bad that I really wish I had bought the PS3 version.  The quality is that bad that I have a really hard time enjoying the game.

For reference, Guitar Hero Aerosmith also suffers from weak sound.  I don't own it, but my brother does.


Anonymous said...

i agree. do we know for sure that the xbox and ps3 versions sound better? someone would have to own at least 2 versions of the same game to test it, which would be pretty rare.

this is why i don't even read game reviews anymore. most didn't even notice the guitar hero 3 mono, let alone WT's quality.

Anonymous said...

I just got GH:WT for 360 last night and think the sound is atrocious. Not just the quality, but the mixing is awful. It was really a bummer finally getting GH-only songs I was pining to play and realizing they're pretty much ruined by the sound. Admittedly, I don't have a fancy tv or sound system, but Rock Band 2 and even the older GH games sound much, much better than this.

Glad I only played $15.

Anonymous said...

well its sort of satisfying to know that its not just the wii version.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing, neither one of my friends did notice, they have an awful ear.
Maybe I noticed it, becaue, I listen to a lot of music and sing too, and I also have rockband 1 and 2 to compare.

Anonymous said...

I used to own GH for the Wii untill I got a PS3 during christmas. I sold my GH for the wii and bought stuff for the PS3.

I didnt make a video comparison, but I have a 46" HDTV plugged to a good receiver (PS3 through SP/DIF and the Wii went through the red/white plugs in tv), but I can hear a HUGE difference.

Like the poster described, thats how it was on the wii, and the purity on the tracks @ the PS3 made my heart melt! I am so happy I got rid of the crappy wii GH stuff and got it for the PS3.

I am a GFX lover, but over that I am an audio lover, and if the audio is faulty I go bananas.

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