Thursday, February 5, 2009

Art catchup

So, I have a new blog--time to test this baby out and post some art I never got around to displaying on my old blog.

In chronological order…

This created in Inkscape 0.47dev. The new handing of Live Paths effects made that fur around his face criminally easy for a vector drawing.

This coloured in ArtRage. Pretty much the only thing I've done in ArtRage since I bought it. Original lines by Fooray.

Coloured in Inkscape. The lines were a very generous trade from 2BeanSoup.

My favourite colouring to date. This is time coloured in GIMP--a very first for me. Lines by renecordova.

And lastly another colouring done in GIMP. Lines by Sythe01. There's also a black and white version.

Now, having compiled this post in Blogspot I can say it doesn't make life easier when it comes to managing layout :)

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